BOX Cloud

Using the technology of BOX to provide a managed cloud based solution for businesses and individuals to safely store important files and folders in the cloud !

Manage your files across plaftorms on multiple devices with an efficient syncronised deployment in your business or at home. Invite collaborators to work on your files and add content. Keep your private files hidden from your colleagues, send email links to external sources to allow them to view and edit your files.

Access your data on your smartphone or tablet, use the on-line browser interface to login when you don't have your own PC or tablet with you. Use the desktop sync application to make sure your files are synced with the cloud.

Co-edit files using the on-line editing tool or simply lock files to prevent others editing the same files.

The easier safer way to store and access important data from your desk or on the go !

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Gain access to all your files and folders from all of your computers and devices.

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Compatible with IOS and Android devices.